Know Where You Came From But Focus On Where You Are Going

As some of you know I am a Massage Therapist. I work with all types of people, but more specifically pregnant and postnatal women. Something interesting I have learned in my 11 years of practice-women have a hard time accepting the shape of their bodies before and after pregnancy.

I can relate. During my first trimester of pregnancy, I remember just feeling fat. I was working out with a trainer before getting pregnant and had goals to lose some weight. So being pregnant was not something I had planned. I knew that I would have to work even harder to lose weight and feel good again post-baby .

Once my pregnancy started to show, I realized that having a belly was actually a good thing and I wore tight shirts to show it off! I felt so beautiful and not once did I have anything negative to say about my body.

This is me at 34 weeks pregnant.

Postpartum was a bit more of a challenge. Having a cesarean birth and a baby who was almost 11 lbs left my body in bad shape. I no longer wanted to show off my body but cover it up with black clothing and loose fitting shirts. I was embarrassed and self-conscious of the way I looked.

I kept using the excuse “I just had a baby” and it would make me feel better about not taking care of myself at least until I looked in the mirror again.

Now 17 months after giving birth to my son, I am at the gym 3x week with a trainer and seeing big changes in both my physical and mental states.

Doing exercise was really difficult after having a baby, I was inflexible, weak and did not like the person I saw in the mirror. All I could stare at was the imperfections left and the weight that exploded on my stomach, hips, arms and back.

Now three months later, I see a strong confident woman who is getting to know the new me. Pointing out all the areas I see changes on my body and being proud of the woman I am.
Nicole xo


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