Be At Peace With Where You Are Right Now In This Present Moment

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Every Monday, my trainer asks me “How was your weekend?” I usually answer her with how tired I am and how busy I was.

This weekend I felt relaxed and rested. Wow, that is not something a lot of moms can say but I made sure that I didn’t take on more than I could handle.

Most of my workouts consist of me talking out my stresses and complaining about some of the exercises she makes me do ( I hate lunges!). I didn’t complain at all today and made sure I gave each exercise my all! We even finished our workout a few minutes early so we decided to add in 5 minutes of mediation! The most important piece I walked away from todays session was: Be At Peace With Where You Are Right Now In This Present Moment. WOW, we could all learn from this one!

Stay in the moment, be kind to yourself, and have a great day!

Nicole xo


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