Mommy Guilt And Taking The Day Off Work

Today my son was home sick. Today was a work day for me.  I run a business, so technically I have more flexibility in my schedule than my Hubs who works downtown Toronto in an office.

I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of guilt. I hate to let people down but because I am a mother, family comes first. I was supposed to speak at a career day event in a local high school, followed by a day of Massage Therapy patients. I was so excited to share my passion for what I do and how at the young age of 21 I started my own clinic and have grown into a multi-practitioner wellness centre. I love to inspire youth, and tell them that they can truly do anything they love most in the world as a career. I did it!

As much as I love to be there for my son when he is sick, today I wished that it was me who went to work and Daddy stayed home to take care of our sick child.

-Nicole XO