Postoperative Ileus And C-Sections


What Does That Mean?

This means that the normal movements of a person’s bowels — which squeeze and relax to move food along — slow down or sometimes even stop entirely after a C-Section

Normally, postoperative ileus goes away on its own in about three or four days after an operation, but people can be uncomfortable while the condition lasts

Chewing gum can trick the body into thinking that the person is eating. It gets saliva flowing in the mouth and can help send signals to the gut to start moving again.

Dr. Gabriele Saccone, an OB-GYN at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy and an author of the study, added that chewing gum after a C-section is a simple and inexpensive way for women to help get the gut moving again.

The new meta-analysis adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that giving women gum after a C-section is a safe and effective way to help bring back gut function after the operation. A 2016 Cochrane review, for example, concluded that “gum chewing in the first 24 hours after a [C-section] is a well-tolerated, simple, low-cost, safe and easy intervention that enhances early recovery of bowel function, improves maternal comfort and potentially reduces hospital costs.”


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