Cesarean Doula Support

Hey There!

So like you I was hoping for a “normal delivery” for the birth of my child.  But things do not always go the way we planned and I ended up having an emergency cesarean delivery after 30 plus hours of labour. I realized that my “normal” is what my body allows me to do-cesarean delivery.  After the healing both emotionally and physically from the surgery and becoming a new mommy, I realized that there is not enough support for moms like us-cesarean moms!

In the birthing world, it seems like most obstetricians and hospitals provide care for postpartum moms for a day or two then you are released from the hospital and told to follow up in six weeks-even after major abdominal surgery (cesarean delivery).

I want you to think about something here: when a person goes in for knee surgery, they are supported through the process of preparing and healing with 6-8 weeks of rehabilitation therapies and followed up soon after with their surgeon to see how things are healing.

BUT.. when a person’s body grows a human and needs major surgery to deliver it, there is no preparation or recovery program to help their body heal?

I am here to help  you along your journey, whatever that may be:

  • planning a cesarean delivery,
  • recovering from a cesarean delivery (planned and emergency)
  • or maybe you are a pregnant person who wants to have as many tools to prepare you for birth as possible!

Any textbook you will read about childbirth is that it is spontaneous and we cannot control the outcome of how we deliver our babies. I will always continue to believe that babies should and can be born vaginally but in the event that a cesarean is medically necessary, we must be as informed and prepared as possible!

Birth is beautiful! ALL birth-vaginal and cesarean delivery is beautiful and we can make any experience of becoming a parent special by being informed and feeling like we had support along the way.