Packing For A Planned Cesarean Delivery

When we had our first child back in 2014, I was not prepared for my delivery. I’m not sure I was prepared to have him in the hospital at all. There was some serious denial going on as I knew he would be over 10lbs and the chances of having a hospital vs home birth were very high.

I feel the need to be more prepared this time around, as I am giving birth via planned cesarean in only nine weeks! I know some people have said, “Nicole, you have lots of time before the baby arrives, and nine weeks is a long time away.”  Is it, though?

The thought of going into labour and having our baby before the scheduled c-section is not something I like to think about but a very real situation that can happen to anyone. I would be more stressed out not having my bags packed and ready to go if I was heading into another emergency c-section.

I can imagine my husband scrambling around trying to gather things on my list for him to bring and my not so lovely (somewhat bitchy) attitude when he can’t find everything I needed for our hospital stay.

So for both of our peace of mind, I have already started to wash baby items (blankets, covers, clothes, sterilized bottles and breast pump, etc.).

Our baby bag is ready to go, and only a few more items to add to our hospital bag. If I do go into an emergency c-section (knock on wood), all I will have to do is tell him the location of the bags.

I created a hospital bag checklist as soon as I knew I was pregnant in this pregnancy, and I want to share it with you. I think it covers the basics of what you will need to stay comfortably in the hospital after you recover from birth.

Check it out here: The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist